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Every telephone engineer in the Essex Telephone Engineers directory have had years of past experience working for BT or other renowned telecommunication companies within the UK. To ensure a consistent work quality all work reviews are overseen thoroughly by admin and broadband engineers are ranked accordingly.

Essex cities and towns include but are not limited to:- Basildon, Billericay, Braintree, Brentwood, Chelmsford, Colchester, Grays, Great Dunmow, Harlow, Harwich, Maldon, Rayleigh, Saffron Walden, Shoeburyness, Wickford, Witham.

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Information > Telephone integrity guide written by a professional telephone engineer

Internet inspection guide.

This guide has been created for the reader’s ease of understanding and for you to gain a better understanding of what problems exist within your telephone line infrastructure prior to appointing a telephone engineer or broadband engineer so that you can tell the engineer what steps you have taken and give the telephone engineer a good idea of what the problem is before arriving at your premises.

1.) The first step is to disconnect any devices that are connected to any of your telephone extension sockets or the master socket, devices may include any phones, satellite receivers(TV boxes) or any other device connected to these sockets. This will help you to pinpoint where the fault is.

2.) Connect your router and a handset or phone that you know to work fine. Check to see if your dial tone is clear or if it has noise or crackles.

3 .) Test to see if you get the internet speed you expect to get from your service provider. (Optionally see our alternative speed test page.) If you still have slow speeds please skip to step 5

4.) If your internet speed is as fast as it should be then the next step is to reconnect each of your devices within your house one at a time, testing the internet connection speed each time, until you pinpoint what device or telephone extension socket is presenting the problem in your telephone line infrastructure.

5.) If your master socket is an NTE master socket (refer to image) you can unscrew the front plate and expose a test socket. By plugging in your phone and router into the test socket you can determine if the fault is an inside or outside fault ( it is your service provider’s responsibility to fix outside faults free of charge.) If the speed is faster once using the test socket it means that the problem is inside your home or premises and that your provider will charge you for the repair. You can call or contact Essex Telephone Engineers at 01245 790898 or by email for a much cheaper rate, a much quicker appointment all whilst being every bit as professional and courteous.

6.) If when testing via the test socket your internet is still slow it means that the fault is an outside fault and your best option is to phone your internet service provider and ask them to send a telephone engineer or broadband engineer to inspect the fault for you. Because it is an outside fault they must repair it for free. If the advisor that you call tells you that it tests ok from their end, tell them that you have tested it and that you insist that they send a telephone or broadband engineer for line inspection.