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Essex Telephone Engineers

Essex Telephone Engineers ©2018 - call 01245 790898 for a Telephone engineer, Broadband engineer, BT faults, Telephone faults, Speed up internet. In the Essex area - Chelmsford, Braintree, Rayleigh, Witham, Basildon, Colchester, Maldon, Brentwood.

Essex Telephone Engineers - Telephone engineer directory for Essex

Every Telephone Engineer in the Essex Telephone Engineers directory have had years of past experience working for BT or other renowned telecommunication companies within the UK. To ensure a consistent work quality all work reviews are overseen thoroughly by admin and then engineers are ranked accordingly.

Essex cities and towns include but are not limited to:- Basildon, Billericay, Braintree, Brentwood, Chelmsford, Colchester, Grays, Great Dunmow, Harlow, Harwich, Maldon, Rayleigh, Saffron Walden, Shoeburyness, Wickford, Witham.

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Contact Essex Telephone Engineers today for a quick quote on telephone line faults and to book a telephone engineer with years of past professional experience to fix any of your internet issues at low and competitive rates, hassle free.

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Find a Local Telephone Engineer at Cost Effective Rates.

For all of your telephone or internet fault repairs, Essex Telephone Engineers is here to help you. Talk with an experienced telephone engineer to talk about any telephone faults you may have and to make preparations for self repair or schedule a professional telephone engineer to come to your premises whether it be a corporate business or residential home and fix all of your telephone faults and internet faults.

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cheaper than bt

Call 01245 790898 now to have any telephone engineer work undertaken, telephone wiring tidied and installed or a wide range of different telephone work by a professional telephone engineer. Guaranteed to be less than or equal to half the price of the top internet service providers.

Check our Inspection Tutorial guide to find out if you need an experienced telephone engineer to fix your phone faults.

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Get details from a local telephone engineer with years of past experience.

Expanding locations, expanding services;

unrivalled telephone engineer work.

With our team of professional telephone engineers growing all over the Essex area it is very possible that we have an engineer in your area even if it is not noted on our website yet, so please call 01245 790898 for a telecommunications engineer to schedule an appointment to fix any of your internet faults or install any provisions you may want undertaken at a time best suited for you.

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Founded by an ex senior BT engineer with over 25 years experience in the fields of fixing interior and exterior internet faults, undertaking any provisions to new or existing phone systems, internet systems and installations for corporate businesses; you can feel comfortable knowing that Essex Telephone Engineers will carry out any work professionally.

If you are looking for a telephone engineer but are finding the prices are just too expensive, having troubles getting into contact or have them appreciate the gravity of your situation then calling us for our broadband engineers is your path to satisfaction.

Any telephone engineer from Essex Telephone Engineers shall be respectful of your home and property as well as your time by making sure that the job is scheduled at a time best for you.

Our contact support have native English speakers so you can feel comfortable speaking to someone that you can understand.

With a wide range of services available to our customers you can be assured that any broadband engineer  we have can match the same quality and services you would expect from a BT engineer.

Feel confident in your telephone engineer. Only the quality and services you’d expect from the engineers.

Services offered by Essex Telephone Engineers include:

Telephone and internet filter plateBroadband optimisation :- Common faults and bad wiring can significantly reduce your internet speed, our broadband engineers and experienced telephone engineers can tidy up your wiring and fix internet faults for up to an amazing 10x faster internet speed.*

*(Match the bandwidth of the service from your internet service provider)

Phone line repair :- If you are suffering from slow broadband, have untidy wiring or have noise on your phone line and the telephone fault is caused from within your premises Essex Telephone Engineers can fix your phone and internet faults both professionally and surprisingly affordably.

Wire Tidy

Renew telephone wiring :- Call a broadband engineer today to make all of your wiring tidy, clean and guaranteed working.

Wire management :- Have too many wires in too many places? If you want your wires to be tidied and be free of those extraneous parts contact us for a great telephone engineer.

Telephone Extension

Telephone extensions :- Schedule for a new telephone extension socket to be installed by one of our broadband engineers anywhere you desire in your property.

Telephone line installation :- Relax comfortably knowing that your telephone line has been installed professionally.

Telephone System

Telephone system maintenance :- Our telephone engineers have the perfect experience and knowledge ready for maintaining and servicing a wide range of phone system brands you may have or to move and program your telephone system.

Test your internet speed.

Test to see if your internet is working as fast as it should be or if it is much slower than your suspected speed.

In cases where your speed is not as fast as it should be you can call Essex Telephone Engineers for a trusted telephone engineer in the Essex area to inspect what issues are causing your slow internet.

Click here for a tutorial on phone line inspection.

Click here for more information and an alternative speed test platform.

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Service providers incur substantial call-out and service charges when you have phone line faults that are inside your home. However, if the faults are outside your home up to the master socket this means that your service provider must fix it for free as you pay for line rental from them.

If you have a fault that is located within the telephone wiring or equipment inside your home or premises you can avoid expensive call out charges and services issued by your service provider by calling Essex Telephone Engineers and scheduling an appointment for one of our professional broadband engineers to correct your telephone faults or issues at a much lower cost.

For this reason it is very important to find out whether your phone line faults or issues are interior or exterior faults.

To test if your telephone issues are exterior faults, and thereby your service provider’s responsibility, please follow these steps referring to the image for visual recognition:-

-By removing the front plate of an NTE master socket you are exposing a test socket.

-Plug your telephone into the test socket and listen to your phone to see if there is dial tone.

If you have no dial tone then the problem is an exterior fault and it is your service provider’s responsibility to fix the problem for free.

For any other problems it is best to call Essex Telephone Engineers to appoint a well experienced telephone engineer for telephone line analysis and correction at low cost compared to service providers rates.

You may call Essex Telephone Engineers for any information regarding telephone line testing or if you would like a better understanding and steps on how to check your telephone line faults.

Call Essex Telephone Engineers today at 01245 790898

The best solution for interior telephone faults.

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Internet speed and availability in your area.

Click here to visit the Openreach website for information on when super-fast fiber will be available in your area.

Click here  to see a comparison of speeds provided by different service providers in your area.

Note: View Openreach Call-out charges here

Scroll to position where graph is titled “Time related charges for Ethernet and Non-Openreach Network” for service fees related to the services we undertake

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Typical products that are available or used while telephone engineer work is undertaken or internet faults may include but are certainly not limited to:-

Careline extension socket :- If you are planning to install a careline Essex Telephone Engineers will assign an experienced telephone engineer to prepare a telephone socket for careline installation.Telephone Socket

Master socket :- Essex Telephone Engineers is the perfect place to call a professional and affordable broadband engineer for installation of a master socket that allows for phone or internet to be useable.

Telephone Socket backTelephone extension socket :- A telephone extension socket allows for more convenient placing of your phone, TV (such as Sky) or your router used for internet. Call us now for professional telephone engineers.

Security in your choice of telephone and broadband engineers.

All of the telephone engineers at Essex Telephone Engineers are CRB checked and CV processed before being added to the directory. We keep track of all jobs our telephone engineers do to confirm a consistent good work rate. It is for the customer that we have such strict rules and make sure that our engineers are most respectful to the customer and premises at all times.

It is important to note that there is no exclusive group of customers to Essex Telephone Engineers; whether you need telephone work undertaken for a corporate business or are a home customer you shall be treated and respected all the same.

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