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Every telephone engineer in the Essex Telephone Engineers directory have had years of past experience working for BT or other renowned telecommunication companies within the UK. To ensure a consistent work quality all work reviews are overseen thoroughly by admin and broadband engineers are ranked accordingly.

Essex cities and towns include but are not limited to:- Basildon, Billericay, Braintree, Brentwood, Chelmsford, Colchester, Grays, Great Dunmow, Harlow, Harwich, Maldon, Rayleigh, Saffron Walden, Shoeburyness, Wickford, Witham.

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Issue with WiFi signal and range

If you are having issues with your wifi,  Essex Telephone Engineers is equipped to provide you with the necessary information or a telephone engineer appointment to correct your telephone and internet issues. When using your internet you may find that if you are not close to the router or wireless hub in your premises that your devices like phones, laptops, game consoles and other electronics that connect to the internet keep disconnecting or have slow transfer rate causing slow loading of web pages, buffering of online videos and just a slow and unreliable experience in general.

Provided on this page is a list of the most common methods of overcoming weak wifi signals as well as information on each.

Wired connections.

Essex Telephone Engineers can arrange for a broadband engineer to install a wired network infrastructure in your premises, this will create the fastest transport of data between your devices and your router that provides the internet. Below are a few products or services Essex Telephone Engineers offers for wired connections and wired installations.

Wired network installation.

If you want the absolute best possible data rate and internet connection in your premises the only method to go for is the wired network installation. By creating a wired network throughout your premises from your router to your devices using CAT5 or CAT6 cable you can be sure that you have the best possible connection to your router possible. The wired connection can be installed within the walls to an extension socket elsewhere in the premises for aesthetics and convenience.

Power line adaptors

Power line adaptors have been available for awhile but are mostly unknown to the general public. At first they were big, unwieldy things that plugged into your mains but now they are no bigger than a normal plug would be. They work by connecting to your router or ethernet extension socket via an ethernet cable and then being plugged into your mains and then another one is plugged in where it is convenient close to a computer or device that requires the internet connection. The data signal gets sent through your electricity mains on the top layer of the electricity wave form. The results are almost as good as direct ethernet connection and in most cases are 100% as effective as a direct connection to your router.

Wireless network enhancement

If you have already decided that a wireless connection is the priority in your home or premises and that you do not care for a wired installation it is best to remove unused telephone extensions sockets and ethernet extension sockets to decrease noise and interference caused from the wiring. Due to neighbours using wireless signals on the same or similar channel to what your router uses it can cause resistance and unreliability on your own wireless network. Essex Telephone Engineers can schedule a telephone engineer to come and properly setup your wireless router for optimal wireless connectivity and range.

Wireless extenders

There are a few different types of wireless extenders:-

Wireless range extender - Plugs into the power mains and wirelessly connects to your router within your house or premises then repeats the signal for a greater distance, it is best to plug them in where you can still get strong signals from your wireless devices.

Wireless hub / Wireless access point - This works very similarly to a router, it is connected to your router via an ethernet extension socket and then transmits its own wireless signal. Because it is connected via ethernet it does not matter how far away it is from the router, it can be on the opposite side of the premises.

Wireless repeater / Power line adaptor hybrid - Much like the ethernet power line adaptor this connects to your power line and is connected to the router via an ethernet and then the other power line adaptors within your premises can provide your devices with the choice of a wired connection via ethernet or a retransmission of your router's wifi signal.

Other possible issues with wireless signals may be caused by wall insulations, the above methods can solve these issues or enabling a 5.4 GHz wireless signal on your router can also help.